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Rick and Kaye share a passion for nature and travel. What better way to capture their discoveries than with photographs! Both of them were born in Calgary, Alberta on the edge of the Canadian Rockies and in their early years developed a love for the scenery, wildlife and wildflowers in their environment. They have been married and working as a team for over forty-three years and have lived in a number of cities in North America but now reside close to their beloved mountains.

Kaye's love of photography developed early. She was encouraged by her father who taught her to develop and print her pictures in their bathroom/photo lab. At the age of eleven she won a photo contest with a scene she captured in black and white. However it wasn't until about twenty years ago that she was able to pursue her interest with full dedication.

Rick trudged along carrying equipment until one day (after many suggestions as to how she should make the perfect picture) Kaye bought him his own 35mm SLR. Immediately the photography bug bit him! He has become so addicted to his passion for observing and photographing wildlife, particularly bears, that he spends the fall polar bear migration season in Churchill Manitoba driving a Tundra Buggy and guiding tourists among the bears.

As a team Rick and Kaye have developed their company, Moose Meadows Photography. Their goal is to capture the essence of the beauty they see and to give others an opportunity to share their love of nature. They believe they can work with sensitivity to their surroundings and create little conflict with the creatures and landscape, which they capture with their lenses. It gives them pleasure to see people around the world appreciating nature through their photos.

They shoot with Nikon professional equipment using both SLR slide and digital formats and do much of their printing in their own digital darkroom.

Their work has appeared in publications such as Wild Ireland, The Calgary Herald, The Cochrane Eagle, and 21st Century Adventures. Kaye graduated from the University of Alberta with a BA in English and often combines their photography skills with her writing skills in freelance travel articles.

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